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Nothing shows off a building more than a clean, well refined, reflective floor. Nothing.

Polishing and Burnishing

Polishing / Burnishing

Polishing / Burnishing hardens concrete, increases light reflectivity, improves chemical and stain resistance, and reduces maintenance costs.

It revitalizes and strengthens older concrete floors.

It will transform stained, dirty, dark and hard-to-clean concrete into beautiful concrete that is easy to maintain.

It converts porous concrete into dense concrete preventing water, oil, and other contaminants from penetrating the concrete surface.

Warranties are available for concrete floors for up to ten years for dust-proofing.

Polishing and Burnishing


Densifying improves hardness, durability, abrasion resistance and dust proofing of new or old concrete floors.

Treated floors are easier to maintain and will wear better.

A guard can be applied to further protect the floor from ordinary staining.

A protective treatment can also be applied to retard salts and oils from penetrating the floor after the densifying process is complete without affecting the look of the floor.

We also offer manufacturer's warranties on our densified floors.